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Mommy & Me and Children’s Ballet 1-4

The Children’s Ballet 1 & 2 classes explore the creative and physical dimensions of each child as he or she gains awareness of music, rhythm and movement. This curriculum is designed to develop creative thinking, expression, coordination, and strength. Through classroom activities, children refine motor skills and develop the creative process through use of props and imagery.

In Children’s Ballet 3 & 4, children are introduced to the structure and discipline of a ballet class as well as to music awareness and basic ballet terminology. These classes emphasize creative expression through movement to music.

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Intermediate Levels 1-4

In the first two levels, students begin their formal ballet training with the emphasis on barre work, focusing on muscle development that is necessary to execute basic classical movements.

As the students progress through the levels, work increases particularly in the areas of pirouettes and petite and grande allegro. Girls begin pre-pointe exercises to strengthen their feet, ankles, and legs for future pointe work.

The curriculum stresses correct body placement at all levels, in order to facilitate development of strong and flexible bodies. Careful repetition of exercises allows students to make faster and more consistent progress at the upper levels. Students will progress to the next level when they have mastered the vocabulary and physical understanding required in their current level.

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Advanced Levels 5, 6, 7 and High School Early Dismissal

Students in these levels are required to attend class 5-6 days a week. Classes include classical ballet technique, pointe and variations. As students progress, the length and difficulty of pointe work increase. Advanced students are introduced to pas de deux and will learn excerpts from classical and contemporary repertoire. The High School level will also have classes in pilates, jazz and modern.

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